1. Obtain A NYC DOT Sidewalk Repair Permit ( The Permit Number Is Required)

  2. Using The Sketch Provided By The DOT Mark Out All Defective Sidewalk Flags.

  3. If The Sidewalk Is Greater Than 10 Feet Wide A Pedestrian Walkway Will Need to Be Created In The Street With Ramps At The Begining And End Of the Sidewalk.

  4. Saw Cut The Defective Flags If Needed.

  5. Demolish And Remove The Concrete Sidewalk.

  6. Install Expansion Joints Against Adjacent Sidewalk And Curb.
  7. Install New (3500psi Minimum) Concrete.

  8. Edge the Perimeter And Cut The Control Joints Into The Sidewalk.

  9. Broom Finish The Concrete.

  10. Install Expansion Joint Sealant.

  11. Once Dry Remove All Caution Tape And Cones.

  12. Request a Dismissal Inspection From The DOT.

Some Locations Will Require Tinted Concrete Sidewalks, Landmark Properties And Lower Manhattan are just Two Examples.

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Although Decorative, The Primary Function Of Control Joints Is To "Control The Cracking" That Will Eventually Occur. The Depth Of Cut Should Be At Least 3/4" Deep This Will Create Some Tension Relief For The Concrete To Have A "Controlled Crack".

Expansion Joints Allow For The Expasion And Contraction Of The Concrete Where The Sidewalk And Curb Meet.

Tinted concrete

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​Violation removal Process

Control Joints & Expansion Joints